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What is Customized Water Systems?

Customized Water Systems is patented technology that will analyze your water and customize the science to meet your specific needs. Customized Water Systems analyzes and introduces electrons into the water that allow plants and animals to function as if no negative toxins are present and utilize all nutrients as needed.

of the Planets Water is Fresh
of the Planets Water is Pure
Toxic Compounds found in Our Water
THMs (trihelomethanes) one of which is Chloroform
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Easy Install and Maintenance

Easy Install and Maintenance

Environmentally friendly

Long lifetime construction

System runs 24/7

Simple Installation


Healthier Water

Healthier Water

Control Algae, Bacteria, Electrolysis

Control Nitrates in Soils and Animals

No Water Pollution

Use Brackish and Salt Water


Reduce Build Up and Consumables Usage

Reduce Build Up and Consumables Usage

Reduces existing scale

Reduces usages of organic or chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides

Removes scale and prevents scale build-up in pipes pumps and valves

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