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CWS believes there is No single water system on the market that will take care of all water quality issues. We analyze the situation, design, build and tune the CWS custom systems to meet the requirements of each specific location to improve water performance.

We are an “Eco-friendly, Green light” company that designs and supplies our customers with scalar energy water systems. We utilize our Patented Technologies, # 6,267,933, # 6,974,561, to produce scalar energy in a very broad range of frequencies that improve soil, plant, animal health and industrial efficiencies. The representatives of CWS have a broad range of experience in Agriculture, Industrial and Golf course turf grass successes that will always support our customers with water quality improvements based on sound science and engineering know how.

Information from: www.back-to-your-roots.com


Everything on earth vibrates at a certain frequency. These frequencies are important in the absorption of minerals, and the vitality of the plant. Each mineral has a frequency unique to itself. The more in balance the frequencies are and the greater the intensities, the better the plant is able to thrive.


Energy is needed for all exchanges of minerals on and off the clay colloid. Energy is needed for the plants to grow. Unbalanced energy in the soil results in displaced soil structure, locked minerals and plants that are unable to draw in the minerals they need. Electrical conductivity is the measurement of the energy in the soil or the soils ability to conduct energy.

Healthy soil does not just occur by accident. When farming practices cause imbalances and destruction to soil biology and chemistry, the natural ability for the soil to heal and produce healthy plants is greatly decreased. The end result is soil that no longer can produce quality food without the use of expensive fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. Particular attention needs to be used to reduce the damage caused by current farming practices.

Healthy soil soaks up heavy rains with little run off. Heavy rains and run off are becoming a bigger concern each year. Compaction of the soil limits the ability to absorb and hold larger volumes of water. By flocculating the soil, the soil becomes able to hold and retain moisture. The removal of hard compacted areas will also allow the soil to manage water saturations more effectively.

Healthy soil stores moisture for dry spells. Soil structure that is flocculated will hold and conserve water in larger volumes than soil that is tight and compacted.

Healthy soil does not require ever increasing amounts of fertilizer to maintain good yields. Soil that is balanced and well engineered will require less “additives” to maintain a healthy crop with a good yield. As soil conditions correct, the more able the soil becomes to provide the needed nutrients and energy for the crop, positively impacting quality and yield.


The elements on the periodic chart have either a negative or positive polarity. Some elements can have both. Calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium have positive charges. Sulphur and chloride have negative charges. Carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen can be either. Clay colloids found in the soil are usually negatively charged around the outside, and positively charged in the centre. This enables the minerals with a positive charge to be attracted to the edge of the soil particles. Measurement of the ability for these minerals to move on and off the clay colloids is referred to as the cation exchange capacity. Unbalanced polarities will result in tight compacted soil (hardpan, plow pan, lumps, clumps), or loose soil that erodes very easily (dispersed soil that blows or washes away with the first wind or rain that comes along). The mid point is flocculation where the soil structure is loose, yet attached with spaces between the colloids for air and water movement.

Environments like this are idea for biology to thrive in, and are electrically balanced and allow for absorption of the minerals by the plant.

Our Patents

The present invention includes an improved electrostatic device for energizing fluids, in particular water based fluids, which will be used to provide a benefit to living organisms, machinery, processes and substances. The improved device of the invention will include an electrostatic voltage spike signal generator, two or more radio frequency signal generators, one or more antennas, optional one or more signal boosters and a fluid conduit. When fluid is treated with the improved device of the invention, the fluid will become energized and can be used to provide significant benefits in applications such as milk production, flower production, fruit production, crop production, vegetable production, shrimp production, egg production, meat production, gasoline combustion, waste fluid combustion, scale removal, water purification, fluid tracking, fluid sterilization and more.

United States Patent #: 6,267,933 and 6,974,561
July 31, 2001 and December 13, 2005

Complete Water Systems, L.L.C. is located at 330 N. 8th St., Midlothian, Texas 76065.  They are our selected company/factory that designs and builds the custom systems for CWS. The systems are designed on the data gathered for each location to perform to the water performance improvements required by the customer.

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