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of what
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Agricultural Applications

Customized water boosts the bio-availability of soil nutrients and oxygen creating higher yields, healthier and more disease resistant plants.

Applications: Orchards, vineyards, row crops and nurseries

Animal Health

Contributes to the overall health of the animals by reducing disease, pathogens and overall cost of animal maintenance (ex: hormone, antibiotics)

Applications: Dairy, Dairy Lagoons, Poultry, Swine

Benefits for Animals

  • Cattle and poultry gain weight due to less pathogenic activity

  • Lower mortality rate of cattle and poultry from disease

  • Hormone & antibiotics can be reduced or eliminated

  • Control nitrates in soils and animals

  • Increased absorption of nutrients and aids in digestion

Benefits for Farming

  • Increases in size of plants & crops

  • Increases yields

  • Increases oxygen levels in soil and water

  • Prevents scale build-up around plant roots

  • Increases shelf life stability of harvested produce

  • Helps plants reach full genetic potential

  • Deeper root growth

  • Reduces plants energy expenditure in acquiring water and nutrients, giving the plant usable energy for growth, vitality and maintenance as well as production of hormones

  • Balances vitamins, sugars, starches and proteins

  • Reduces usages of organic or chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and water

  • Makes brackish water usable – including sea water

  • Increases soil’s biological activity in first season, such a beneficial bacteria, proliferates earthworms hatched from dormant eggs