The task of providing the effects of the electronic unit have been complicated and arduous. The initial reason was because initially is was unknown as to the broad-range positive results that would be seen. This initial idea was to make a unit with an energy potential that could prevent the accumulation of scale and drastically reduce existing scale. As a result it was a while before evidence of extra plant growth was noted. When it was observed the inventors then had to determine what to look for and how this could be achieved.

As a result of these preliminary group of studies, it was determined what could happen, as well as, what was likely to happen, and what to look for. As a result of these studies, it was then decided that clinical trials and university, as well as, private laboratory studies would be conducted. A great deal of research is verifying the trends the plant growth that were observed initially, as well as, reproducing the effects. Some of these studies are complete. More importantly, however, is the aspect of the studies continuing and not concluding, but rather continuing to verify and support the initial observations that were noted. So, rather than have a great many “conclusive tests”; tests were opted for that would continue and show the effects of the electronic unit over an extended period of time.

For instance, after the salts are cleared from the subsoil, what will happen? if the field is continued to be watered, what are the effects of the energy on the electrons on the field, as well as, the plants for an extended period of time?