The reason that higher crop yields are demonstrated using the electronically energized water is multifaceted.

First of all, the energized water allows the minerals and components dissolved in the water to exist in a much more stable state than they would ordinarily. Secondly, as a result of the availability of electrons, many reactions that would ordinarily take place are virtually eliminated. This results in an anti-scaling effect for the plumbing itself and aids in the prevention of the mineral accumulating at the root level where it would cause root damage and prevent or inhibit proper nutrient uptake by the plant.

In essence the effect is that the charge suspends minerals in solution. The change in the soil, as a result of the application of the charge from the unit, is from a diamagnetic to a paramagnetic state. As a result, nutrients are more available and the vitamins and minerals which are available are more likely to be taken up with more energy savings. The additional energy may then be used toward growth, plant maintenance and production of fruit.