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Frequently Asked Questions

Customized Water Systems most frequently asked questions are answered below. Don’t see your question? Send us a message using the contact below.

How far will the water hold the energy in long irrigation pipes?2017-12-15T00:20:30+00:00

The energy has been located in the pipe in which it was place up to 7 miles away from the initial source of energy (the electronic unit). The difficulty with this type of measurements is trying to get a continuous length of pipe in which the energy can be measured without components coming off the pipe or being introduced into the system.

Do you believe the use of the electronic unit will be widespread in the future? If so, why?2017-12-15T00:38:50+00:00

The utilization of the E.S.P. will definitely be used more and more as the future develops. The reasons are many-fold. First, through the utilization of the effect of the E.S.P. we can keep plumbing clean without the use of chemicals or salts.

Secondly, troublesome salts, as well as, harmful aspects of untreated water can be eliminated from the soil surrounding the roots of plants. As a result of this great efficiency, less fertilizer, herbicides, insecticides, and other compounds are necessary that may have potential harmful effects on the environment; which has to be a concern now for the future.

Are there any other benefits of the electronic unit for commercial or home use?2017-12-15T00:36:43+00:00

The benefits and applications of the electronic unit are as wide and varied as there are problems to resolve in the water industry. Cooling towers, boilers, heat exchangers are but a few commercial uses. The water acts as softened water and controls scale over a period of time.

Some of the most promising applications may be in the rejuvenation of dead lakes and fields. Areas which have been rendered “unsuitable” or “dead” as a result of pollution or excessive utilization. The availability of extra electrons to the environment is believed to aid in the resolution to many chemical problems which stand in the way of the full recovery of a “dead” system.

What kind of electricity is needed for the units? How about maintenance?2017-12-15T00:32:49+00:00

The unit is available for the following electrical connections: 110 volt AC and 12 volt DC. The unit uses less than one watt or approximately 60¢ to $1.00 per month. The control box may be removed for replacement quickly and simply. The power unit is solid state and requires no service or cleaning.

How long should an ag. producer or dairy farmer wait to get the benefits of the electronic unit?2017-12-15T00:30:58+00:00

Ordinarily a significant change in soil, plants, and animals utilizing the electronically enriched water has been observed in 30 to 120 days. This occurs after the unit has been properly installed and has been working from 30 to 120 days.

What kind of reading should the electron charged water have to improve crop yields and milk production?2017-12-15T00:29:22+00:00

A light located on the unit for visual inspection. If the electronic box is humming and the testing light is on, the unit is working and water will be electron enhanced to improve crop yields and milk production.

Where can a farmer send electron rich water to be tested?2017-12-15T00:27:09+00:00

At the moment the only place that we have full confidence in for testing electro-enriched water is our own testing site. Since mid-1997 instrumentation has been available for on site testing by the farmer at a very reasonable cost.

Have all these benefits been proved by independent research tests?2017-12-15T00:25:24+00:00

The task of providing the effects of the electronic unit have been complicated and arduous. The initial reason was because initially is was unknown as to the broad-range positive results that would be seen. This initial idea was to make a unit with an energy potential that could prevent the accumulation of scale and drastically reduce existing scale. As a result it was a while before evidence of extra plant growth was noted. When it was observed the inventors then had to determine what to look for and how this could be achieved.

As a result of these preliminary group of studies, it was determined what could happen, as well as, what was likely to happen, and what to look for. As a result of these studies, it was then decided that clinical trials and university, as well as, private laboratory studies would be conducted. A great deal of research is verifying the trends the plant growth that were observed initially, as well as, reproducing the effects. Some of these studies are complete. More importantly, however, is the aspect of the studies continuing and not concluding, but rather continuing to verify and support the initial observations that were noted. So, rather than have a great many “conclusive tests”; tests were opted for that would continue and show the effects of the electronic unit over an extended period of time.

For instance, after the salts are cleared from the subsoil, what will happen? if the field is continued to be watered, what are the effects of the energy on the electrons on the field, as well as, the plants for an extended period of time?

Will the unit work with any irrigation system, such as drip, sprinkler, center pivot or furrow irrigation?2017-12-15T00:23:22+00:00

The unit can operate with virtually any irrigation system. The initial water that flows into the system must be treated for the effect and then can be dispensed in whatever manner desired.

What is the electronic unit and how does it work?2017-11-11T20:27:52+00:00

The electronic unit is an electronic multiwave radio pulse generator with a high negative ion and plasma production. The energy is induced on the minerals in the water and they will remain energized for months
over an unlimited distance.

The power unit is double converted and does not require a ground. The output is low voltage radio frequencies and is not harmful to humans or other living things. The power unit generated R.F. from 150,000 Hz to 2M Hz. Pulse frequency varies from 500 Hz to 10,000 Hz depending on the application.

How long will the energy last in stored water?2017-12-15T00:17:54+00:00

Experimental and field evidence show the electronically treated water still demonstrated an energy even after six months of storage. This is with the initial water being energized, stored and the unit removed. However, if the unit is left on for all water filtration and continued use, even if the water is not flowing, the energy will last indefinitely.

Can the electronic unit solve the problem of clogged drippers and obstructed water pipes?2017-12-14T23:59:42+00:00

As a result of holding mineral in suspension, scale can be controlled and existing scale can be dissolved.

In order for the electronically energized water to clear a system that has already been plugged, the water must be able to pass through the system. So the best way to utilize the unit is to put it before any damage is done. If the water can pass through the problem areas then it will be able to not only clean up the existing scale, but also, is able to continue to keep the system clean and control de scale.

Can the electronic unit improve crop production even in soil with serious salinity problems?2017-12-14T23:49:15+00:00

Yes, with definite certainty, the electronically treated water will improve crop production in soils with serious salinity problems. The reason being that the charge, when placed in the water, which moves into the fields which are to be planted can carry the soil salts to the sub-soil layers and do not interfere with the roots of the plants.

As the soil is continued to be watered with the electro-charged water the salts will move even farther into the soil, as well as, carrying salts and other problem factors away from the plant roots into the sub-soil strata. The unit essentially holds the salts in solutions until they may reach the sub-soil where they will not affect the plant.

Is it true that with electron-charged water farmers need less agrochemicals to grow their crops?2017-12-14T23:47:28+00:00

The electronic effect is allowing the water to utilize what is available to it with greater efficiency. Fewer agrochemicals are normally needed when the electronically treated water is being used. The basic building blocks for plant growth and maintenance are water and carbon dioxide, from these two components energy from sunlight is used to generate plant materials and growth.

The reagents and factors that are in most agrochemicals are related more to controlling disease and eliminating insects than providing materials for growth needed by the plant. Co-factors (minerals for the most part) and vitamins, as well as, components that are non-existent, such as additional nitrogen may be necessary especially when one takes into account the phenomenal growth which is demonstrated when the unit is used. The additional factors, however, will be utilized with more efficiency and less will be required that is normally demonstrated when the unit is not used.

How much water can a farmer save by using electronically enriched water and why?2017-12-14T23:43:07+00:00

Evaporation, transpiration, run-off, soil absorption, which determine how much water will be necessary to maintain the farm will change over time. However, a saving of up to 40% has been evidenced by the farmers in the field utilizing the units. One of the most important reasons for this phenomena is related to the following: H2O molecules link up to others because of the dipole nature of the individual H2O molecules as oxygen is more electronegative (“electron hungry”) than hydrogen, the electrons will spend a greater part of their time orbiting the oxygen atom versus the hydrogen atom. As a result, the dipole is created. The additional negative charges (electrons) in the water (as a result of the electronic unit), reduce the bonding of the oxygen atoms of the H2O molecules and the hydrogen atoms of the adjacent H2O molecules. As a result, there are less hydrogen bonds between the individual H2O molecules.

“Wetter Water” is the result, which in turn results in better cleaning water and better soil-leaching water. The breaking up of the H2O groupings, because of the decrease in hydrogen bonding, enables fertilizers to break up into smaller groupings and interface with the smaller H2O groupings. This results in greatly increased surface area that can come in contact with grease, oil, dirt, and other contaminants in wash water. The surface increases exponentially with a decrease in the size of the groupings. Consequently, fertilizers, mineral supplements, etc. become more efficient and considerably less amounts are required when used with the treated water.

Can a dairy farmer get more milk when cows drink water treated with the electronic unit an why?2017-11-11T20:31:21+00:00

Field and empirical evidence indicate that yes, cattle being given the electronically enriched water will normally produce more milk and for a longer duration than cattle that are not placed on the same water. The cattle initially undergo an apparent detoxification phase in which their own systems are cleaned; this in turn allows for more efficient milk production.

The reason greater milk production is evident is probably related to the greater efficiency with which the system is working in the cattle, as a result of greater energy availability and utilization by the system, more and more energy can be dedicated toward the basic genetic predisposition of the cattle, which is for milk production. Energy that would ordinarily be diverted for detoxification, excessive maintenance, disease and related immunity response can now be better utilized for milk production.

How does a farmer get higher yields with electron rich water?2017-11-11T20:29:54+00:00

The reason that higher crop yields are demonstrated using the electronically energized water is multifaceted.

First of all, the energized water allows the minerals and components dissolved in the water to exist in a much more stable state than they would ordinarily. Secondly, as a result of the availability of electrons, many reactions that would ordinarily take place are virtually eliminated. This results in an anti-scaling effect for the plumbing itself and aids in the prevention of the mineral accumulating at the root level where it would cause root damage and prevent or inhibit proper nutrient uptake by the plant.

In essence the effect is that the charge suspends minerals in solution. The change in the soil, as a result of the application of the charge from the unit, is from a diamagnetic to a paramagnetic state. As a result, nutrients are more available and the vitamins and minerals which are available are more likely to be taken up with more energy savings. The additional energy may then be used toward growth, plant maintenance and production of fruit.

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